Women of India Organic Festival 2016

“Women of India” Festival 2016 of Organic Products

We visited ‘The Women of India Festival 2016 of Organic products’ yesterday and it had one of the largest collections of organic food and other products, we have seen at one location.

There were organic farmers who had come to be a part of this fest with their produce, from almost all states of India. Visitors to this Festival  have a good opportunity, not just to buy organic, but also to understand the journey of organic food, how and where it is grown, and what are the steps and difficulties faced by the farmers in growing crops organically without depending on pesticides.Read more here

Plastic Garbage Image

4 easy ways to reduce plastic use in your Kitchen

With so many attractive plastic storage boxes, containers, bottles etc available in the market today, it is very easy to get lured by them, due to which we end up buying a lot of plastic objects.

But plastics are quite harmful for the Environment. Increasingly, it is being found that plastics also have several negative effects on human health. Here is an in depth article on 7 dangers from plastic use.

Here are four easy ways through which, we can reduce plastic usage in our kitchens:

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