Who We Are

GreenSpirits is a resource for people who are interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

  • It provides information to help you make different aspects of your daily living ‘greener’
  • It is also a platform to inform you about environmental issues which are impacting the Earth on a global scale.
  • GreenSpirits guides you at the ‘personal’ level, to help you lead healthier lives in consonance with Nature, and at the ‘macro’ level, where our decisions can help heal the Earth.


What we believe

At GreenSpirits,  we believe that:

  • What is good for the Earth, is also good for us.
  • Environmentalism is an aspect of spirituality.
  • We need to be mindful of every action we perform, and its impact on Mother Earth.
  • There is an intrinsic relationship between Man, God & Nature, all of whom are animated by the same Divine Spirit.
  • The roots of the current environmental crisis lie in the Human Ego, which has overwhelmed man’s spiritual nature.
  • Nature can provide solutions for all of Man’s needs, as it has done for millennia.
  • We need to take guidance from our ancestors who lived before us, and villagers, tribals and native people who still act as the true custodians of the Earth, by living close to Nature.
  • India’s Traditional knowledge can provide many solutions to the current environmental crisis.
  • We humans are Green Spirits, as our physical bodies are derived from Nature, which are wrapped around a spiritual core.


Who We Are Not

  • If you are interested in green ‘spirits’ like absinthe, please go here !
  • If you have come looking for ‘green’ spirits like Kibosh, the archrival of Casper the Friendly Ghost, please go here !