• Eco-friendly ways of doing laundry

    Why eco-friendly or green laundry? What is the need to use natural alternatives for laundry when commercial detergents are so easily available in market? The answer to these questions is simple. Commercial detergents contain toxic chemicals which are not bio-degradable, and all the run-off from the wash cycles ultimately ends up in the soil or in Read more here…


  • 14 Shocking Images showing Impact of Human activities on Earth

    Often, we remain isolated from the impacts on the environment that our actions cause. These photos published by the Foundation for Deep Ecology, in collaboration with Population Media Center have released a set of pictures which demonstrate starkly, the negative effect that human activities are having on the Earth.


  • Technology & Capital – Twin enemies of Nature

    The earth is currently facing destruction of life forms on a mass scale. If these trends continue, the very survival of human life along with other species is at stake. In fact scientists refer to the existing era as one of ‘mass extinction’. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has estimated that the Earth has lost Read more here..


  • “Women of India” Festival 2016 of Organic Products

    We visited ‘The Women of India Festival 2016 of Organic products’ yesterday and it had one of the largest collections of organic food and other products, we have seen at one location. There were organic farmers who had come to be a part of this fest with their produce, from almost all states of India. Read more here..